First Paid Gig!

So you have been doing your photography for a few months and people are starting to notice your skills! You may have even started getting messages from friends saying they want to schedule you for a shoot. Now, this advice is not just for photographers who are starting out, but for any entrepreneur who is getting their foot in the door. The number one mistake amateurs make is NOT CHARGING! Know your self worth and be confident in your ability. If you don’t charge now, chances are you never will. So come up with a price you are comfortable with and put it out there. You will be surprised that people WILL pay you for your work.

My first paid gig was at Fabian’s first birthday. If you have never photographed a child’s birthday be prepared to run around. To my surprise not only can one year olds walk but they run! Take your time with your photographs don’t feel rushed. Make sure to take photos from the perspective of the child; get down to their level. Take pictures from the ground up, it will give an artistic impression that the child is larger than life! Get pictures of the birthday girl/boy blowing out their candles and with cake on their face. Most of all , have fun!

Here are a few highlights from Fabian’s birthday.





One response to “First Paid Gig!

  1. Great advice !
    You should already know your self-worth and when people are contacting you for business , it will increase your internal value 😉
    Great SHOTS by the way !


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