Awesome Social Learning Tool for Photographers


I’ve got some exciting news for you amateur photographers out there like me…  LUMEO! I’m sure you are asking yourself “what is Lumeo”? Lumeo is a social media learning website. It delivers education by request. There are over 150 course requests by over 5,000 members on Lumeo. On top of getting photography education on your terms, you get the opportunity to win pro gear like the Canon 5D! You are registered to win the equipment automatically when you register. Registration is free. You just click this link, add your name, email address, create a password, and you are ready to start getting advice from some pretty amazing photographers. Contests to win pro gear are run often and you can win them one of two ways. Submit your photography for review or invite as many friends as you can to join and expand the Lumeo community.

There are message boards where you can ask questions about anything from composition to equipment and you will get quality feed back.

Here is a side by side comparison of how traditional schooling works and how Lumeo operates:

How Formal Education Works

How LUMEO Works

Apply for admittance and pay a fee Join the Community for free, meet other members and try LUMEO out
$ Free
Pay per credit hour
(and take on debt)
Subscribe to LUMEO at one monthly fee
(low-cost, high quality)
$$$$ $
No chance of winning pro gear Every subscriber has a chance to win pro gear
Not Awesome


Attend a class created and taught by a teacher Create your own courses on LUMEO
The Teacher is King LUMEO Members Rule
Write papers and/or take tests Complete real-world assignments guided by professionals
Because you HAVE to! Because you WANT to!
Receive a degree for completing a set number of credit hours Add the finished project to your portfolio and your resume
Is it worth the paper it’s printed on? The experience keeps adding up
There are no essays or multiple choice tests in the real world LUMEO allows members to solve
real problems in real-time for direct, reusable experiences

School’s out. Forever.


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